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One year: 2012

PersonalPosted by Beata Sun, January 06, 2013 19:20:20

I´ve been thinking about writing a blogpost about the year of 2012 for several days. But it seemed like a difficult thing to do because I felt that I wanted to write about everything that had happened in 2012, and that felt quite impossible. So I thought that it´s better to write about parts of the year, than not write anything at all!

This collage is made out of a collection of my photographs that I´ve created in 2012. When I look back at my work I feel proud, and I like it, but I feel like I want to challenge myself more this year. I want to find an even more unique style, strive to develop my own voice in photography. Keep being inspired by other artists, but also be better to listen to myself, listen to my inner creativity and my heart that tells me what to do. There are always some pictures that are more important to create than others, and sometimes I need to choose what I want to put my time and effort into creating, and I want to be able to choose what is the most important to me.

A little summary of 2012:

I started the year with a trip to Bali, Indonesia.

At home Tomas was my assistant during a couple of photoshoots. This is from a cold day in early spring when we took the car an early morning to shoot "The Guardian".

I tried on a lot of different dresses to find good ones to shoot in. This one I didn´t buy but it was close :)

I tried to get better with working ergonomically by using a wacom-tablet. This is an old one that I borrowed from my boyfriend but now I have a new one. I still can´t be in front of the computer for too long, but I guess that it will always be like that. I´m trying to learn more disciplin, learning for how long I can work, taking breaks, doing training and more. This is really hard I think. I hear a lot of creative people telling me that they wish they could be more disciplined when it comes to creating, really taking the time they need to do whatever they´re doing. My problem is the opposite. I need to constantly force myself not to sit down and work every hour of every day. At least I´m learning patience!

During summer I went to the countryside, put on my old swimsuit and walked into the forest with a mini-batthub that I filled with water. I don´t think I will ever finish the photo, because it didn´t turn out as I pictured it, but it was fun anyway! I´ve done several shoots this year that didn´t work the whole way, but I hope that I learned something from them!

As usual I had a lot of tea and coffee at different places, with a dear friend or family member across the table. I love to talk about life and the meaning of everything. I never get tired of the deep conversations! I also really enjoy sitting by myself, reading a magazine and silently watching other people in the cafée :)

I took several new pictures for my series Finding Peace. This photo involved my new dress that I was very happy to find in a second-hand store.

One of the best moments for me this year was traveling to London to attend a workshop hosted by my big inspiration Brooke Shaden (to the left). It was wonderful to meet everyone that attended the workshop and feel so inspired together. A memory for life! I hope to attend more workshops, both with Brooke and with other photographers, in the future.

After the summer I moved to another town to start a school of photography for one year. I had a small crisis at first because I didn´t know if this was right for me. I already know in what direction I want to take my photography and I felt that it may be unnecessary for me to put time and effort into an education. But I decided to finish it and next week the last semester begins. Now we will get the chance to work with our own projects, and that feels great. We will start by putting together a photo-book. This is something I´ve been thinking that I want to do so it couldn´t be more perfect!

One of the best things with my new school is that I´ve gotten to know Victoria. We dragged this bed out together to do a shoot. This is also one of those pictures that I don´t think will be good enough, but me and Victoria had a great day!

In december I painted planets and stars to make a new picture. I´m trying to get better at creating the full scene before I take the shot, so I won´t be spending too much time in post-processing. But I still find it hard to spend less time in front of the computer.

I also tried to record my first behind-the-scenes video, but I don´t know if it will ever be released ;)

In december I also shot two more bubble-pictures, "Stuck" and "Own atmosphere", for my series Finding Peace. I was very happy with the result. This is a test-shot.

To the left: "Own atmosphere"

To the right: "Stuck"

Another great thing that happened this year was that my class got the chance to exhibit at the Stockholm Photo Fair, the Nordic Regions largest photo fair.

If I learned something this year I think it´s to be patient. Be patient when you create and understand that not everything will be perfect. Be patient with your career and understand that you will get a lot of No´s, but if you´re persistence, there will come a "Yes" at last.

I have many hopes for the new year. I want to be disciplined enough to take care of my body and health. I want to be patience and never give up on my dream. You never know how the road will turn or where it will lead you, but I promise you that when you´re on the right track, you will know!

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