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The art of not giving up

PersonalPosted by Beata Wed, March 21, 2012 21:20:26

Where I am now, I should be following a schedule, take regular breaks and go workout every day to make sure my arms get better. I could focus on that and nothing else. I could take photographs without editing them afterwards. There´s a lot of things I can do, even with my arms hurting.

But I feel that I´m focusing my energy all wrong. The worries take over, instead of focusing on getting better, I´m focusing on how I´m going to feel if I don´t get better. And, ofcourse, that makes me feel sad. I feel that I´m making things worse. I´m making it more difficult than it has to be.

I think it´s really important to understand how you work. Because if you know yourself, you will be able to relate to your different sides and decide who you want to be.

I realised that I´m so tired of this part inside of me that´s always telling me that it might not work, that I can´t be too sure, that it may be better for me to just give up.

I don´t want that part to take over. I don´t want that part to win! That´s why I´m writing this. Because I know that it´s not true. I know that I will be better, that there´s endless possibilities for me in the world. The thing I want to say is that you always get to choose. Maybe you have a big or small part inside of you screaming that you should give up right away, but you don´t have to listen! You always get to decide when it´s too early to give up.

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