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Beata Rydén Photography Blog

Fairytale and new props

PhotographyPosted by Beata Thu, March 22, 2012 17:33:14

Today I´ve been shopping some props for my picture that I´m taking tomorrow. One of the things I needed was cotton to create clouds. This time I think my clouds will look a little different than they usually do in my pictures ^_^

I also went looking for a fairytale-dress. I want something white and a bit fluffy. This was only one of the dresses I tried on. I didn´t buy any. Tomorrow I´m going to use an old dress that will be good enough for the camera.

In Gothenburg we have a warm weather today. But tomorrow I´m hoping for fog in the morning! I´m going to a new location that I´ve found to take my picture.

Hope you´re all feeling well!

Love from Beata

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