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PhotographyPosted by Beata Fri, March 30, 2012 11:48:50

My newest picture, shot on Bali when I was there with my boyfriend (who´s the model) earlier this year.

I´m a person that loves to dream and I often dream about places far away, or a house near the ocean. Because of my longing, I´ve found myself living in both Norway and Denmark, both working and studying. In 2010 I was in Stockholm (the capital city of Sweden) for half a year, doing an internship at a small filmfestival. This year I travelled to Bali. Everytime I get away from Gothenburg (my hometown where I live now) I realise that the most important thing isn´t the place, but the dream. The important thing isn´t were you live, but what you do. At least to me. Wherever I am I want to be creative and take new pictures. I feel it wherever I am. But I tend to forget this, and believe that all my dreams will come true somewhere else. I think it´s important to realise that the dream can come true everywhere, if you carry your passion with you. You can always do something each day to come a step closer to fullfilling your dream.

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