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PersonalPosted by Beata Mon, April 02, 2012 22:36:33

Today I´ve been taking care of small children as my job. Talking, helping, playing and comforting. I do this a couple of times every month. After my job I met up with my mother at a café in town. I had some time before my mother arrived. I bought the cheapest cup of coffee and did what I always do when I find myself alone somewhere: started to philosophy about my life, and brainstorming around my future. I started to write down my thoughts in the back of my calender (I left my notebook at home). And quite soon I realised that I´m tired of all the words I usually write down about my future. I´m tired of always trying to figure out how to follow my dream tomorrow, next week and forever. Sometimes I just feel like living without thinking!

Ofcourse I´m not going to stop chasing my dream, because my dream is my fuel, my passion, my life. But I´ve decided to try and write down more about my present. I want to memorize my present and not only my plans for the future!

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